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Take a Prayer Journey

No movement of God has taken place outside of extraordinary prayer. Followers of Jesus who carry the light of the Gospel and pray the Spirit of God into towns and villages play a key role in preparing the soil for Gospel seeds to take root.
Come prepare the way for the Lord. Come pray that these people will have followers of Jesus committed to starting a disciple making movement among them.

For helpful suggestions and resources, browse through the Prayer Journey Recommendations below.

    • Among your friends, family, and brothers and sisters in the faith, who can you ask to go with you?
    • What kind of spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12) would you like to take along?
    • Each season offers unique aspects and insights into Italian culture. Summers tend to be hot and humid for much of Italy. Winters are typically cold and wet with rain or snow, depending upon the region. Spring and fall tend to be the best times for mild climate and decent travel prices.
    • Research airfare
      • Check out websites like Expedia, Kayak, Momondo, Google Flights or Hipmunk to see various price options.
      • You can fly into Rome (FCO), Naples (NAP), Bologna (BLQ), Milan (MXP), Turin (TRN), Catania (CTA), Palermo (PMO), Florence (FLR) or Venice (VCE).
      • We recommend coming for at least a week.
    • Figure out what parts of Italy you want to pray over, and begin figuring out how you will travel from one place to the next.
    • Consider looking into renting a car to give yourself more freedom, or researching on Trenitalia.com if there are trains that could take you from one place to the next.
    • There are also many bike paths and trails to travel throughout Italy. You can look at a website like Bikemap.com to find the bike paths. Or you can go to outdooractive.com or alltrails.com to find hiking trails throughout Italy.
    • There are many travel guides for Italy both at the bookstores and online. Any of them can give you a good idea of what you’ll find, where to travel, what to see, what to eat, etc.
    • Cell Phones
      • Some US providers offer international plans at a price for those who wish to have the freedom to use their phone wherever and whenever in Italy. We have heard that T-Mobile offers some good international plans.
      • Otherwise, SIM cards and pay-as-you-go plans in Italy are relatively cheap, and Wi-Fi is becoming more common in public areas (at least in bigger cities).
    • After mapping out which cities and towns you will visit, check out the recommended hotels, restaurants, things to do in those areas at TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.
    • Plan out your prayer strategy that you will implement each day. Below are some ideas that you can incorporate:
      • 1 Hour in Prayer Wheel and Prayer Walking Guide
      • 12 Day Prayer Guide to begin to pray before and during the trip
      • Prayer Walking Fundamentals
      • Check out this Prayer Walk Guide for the city of Ancona
        • Let us know if you would be interested in making one for another city, especially any cities you visit on your trip.
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      • Depending on where you go, there may be some locals who can speak English, learn all you can from them. You could also share with them that you are a follower of Jesus and have come to bless their country with prayer. You could ask them how you could bless them in prayer.
    • We would greatly appreciate if you would let us know that you are going on a prayer journey and how it went after you are finished! Also, please share any insights God lays on your heart and any pictures you want to share.
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